Cycling Your Way to Health

Why Cycling is Great People looking to start working out regularly are sometimes deterred by the strain that comes with moderate to high intensity exercises. Cycling is a fantastic starting place because it’s low impact and easy to do! Most people already know how to ride a bike, and even if you don’t, stationary bikes…

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August 26, 2015

Yoga Benefits You Wouldn’t Believe!

Find your perfect me-time doing something you’ll love and making your body healthier at the same time! Experience how amazing yoga can be for your body and soul. There are countless benefits to enjoy including weight loss, flexibility, cardio health, balance, happiness and so much more! Now is the best time to start, so put…

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August 18, 2015

Picking the Best Workout Routine with Primetime Fitness

Workout Routine A number of people ask us what the best workout routine is, but the answer is not as simple as giving a list of exercises and reps. Everyone’s body is different and personal objectives vary. To optimize your workout routine, it is important to set an exercise goal and pick the exercises that…

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July 15, 2015

Basic Strength and Conditioning Tips for Beginner Weight Lifting with Primetime Fitness

Reach Your Goals Come discover the benefits of weight lifting with our fully loaded and spacious gym here in Las Cruces. We offer your choice in free weights and machines. Tone, sculpt, and build muscle for the body you desire. We offer the tools for all body shapes and sizes, beginner or expert alike. Experience…

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July 1, 2015