Cycling Your Way to Health

Why Cycling is Great

People looking to start working out regularly are sometimes deterred by the strain that comes with moderate to high intensity exercises. Cycling is a fantastic starting place because it’s low impact and easy to do! Most people already know how to ride a bike, and even if you don’t, stationary bikes are perfect for learning. Cycling on an exercise bike at the gym is great because the intensity can be set to your level. If you are just starting out, set the tension to low and go at a moderate pace, gradually challenging yourself to higher difficulties. If you are a fitness guru looking for a new and exciting workout, then crank up the intensity and get those legs pumping!

Build strength and stamina while burning away fat with ease! Cycling is well known for using large muscle groups all throughout the body. The more groups you have working at once, the more calories you can burn while simultaneously gaining strength and muscle tone. Due to the exercise being low impact and with a gradual buildup, your muscles will rebuild tighter rather than larger, meaning you can stay trim, slim, and strong while looking amazing!

We all want more ways to reduce stress, and just as with any exercise, cycling can help you reduce stress and depression while increasing self-esteem.

Find Your Bike

The spacious gym floor is open to members to pick and choose their equipment as they need. Alternatively there are a number of cycling classes to choose from. Each session is 45 minutes and lead by a certified instructor. Try one of many great classes to learn better form, challenge yourself, and work towards a better, healthier you. Whether it be a stationary bike available to you on your time or a cycling class, Primetime Fitness has your needs covered. See the full calendar of events to find your perfect time.

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