Getting to the Core of Pilates

6 PilatesPeople frequently ask, “What is Pilates and is it right for me?” Pilates is an exercise of mind and body that can provide greater results compared to a traditional workout. Build a strong, tight core that will keep you energized throughout your day and have you looking amazing. The key to an effective Pilates workout is in slow, controlled movements. Form is crucial, even if it means less repetitions.

Sometimes, people confuse yoga and Pilates or use them interchangeable, however these are two different workouts. Both strive for better health and control of one’s body, but Pilates focuses on strengthening your core and encompasses an entire body workout. Pilates also allows for the use of exercise machines to further enhance your workout.

The Benefits of Pilates

  • Improve Flexibility
  • Build Strength
  • Develop Control over Your Body
  • Increase Endurance

For Beginners and Experts Alike

The exercises in a Pilates class or workout can be modified, perfect for beginners to advanced levels. As your body strengthens, you can increase the intensity of the workout to burn more calories and fat.

The Original 6 Principles

The core goals of an effective Pilates workout were defined by Philip Friedman and Gail Eisen in 1980. These 6 principles have been the driving force to ensuring you get the most desirable results for your time and effort. Become the master of your body and enhance your:

  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Center
  • Flow
  • Precision
  • Breathing

Start Today!

Looking for a perfect place to reshape your mind, body, and health? Then experience the benefits of Pilates for yourself. If you need the camaraderie of a group workout or a class schedule to keep you on track, then explore the different Pilates courses we offer here, or see our calendar of classes here.

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