Zumba – The Fun Way to Workout

12-ZumbaWork is for the office and after hours is your “me time.” So let’s take the work out of workout and start having a blast getting the exercise we need. With Zumba classes, your reasons for not wanting to go to the gym will be nothing more than a memory.

What is Zumba?

Zumba combines elements of cardio, yoga, and dance to get your body working and burning calories, all while you’re having fun! If you enjoy good dance, good music, good company, and an overall good time then you need to stop by today! Let us help you stop the excuses and start reaching those goals.

Is Zumba A Good Workout?

Absolutely! Zumba training involves both low and high intensity exercises that keep your muscles working with interval-style training, so your gym time is never boring. Experience the great benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Energy
  • Better Balance
  • Fuller Flexibility
  • Longer Life

Zumba Classes

Primetime Fitness offers a number of different Zumba classes for you to find the workout you’ll love.

  • Traditional Zumba classes stay true to the popular workout known around the world. Designed for beginners and experts alike, these classes get your body pumping and make sure the excitement never ends*.

(*Fun may or may not cease at the end of class. But don’t fret, there are 7 weekly classes available to join back in!)

  • Zumba Toning targets all your muscles for a stronger, leaner body. Come in, grab a set of light weights, and get that body moving today!
  • Zumba Circuit combines exciting and challenging circuit training with the Zumba workout you know and love. Are you ready for an exciting challenge?

See the full schedule of classes here

It’s Fun, I Promise!

Join today and enjoy the full Zumba experience. Each class is taught by a friendly and certified instructor. Zumba is known, taught, and enjoyed around the world! Come see for yourself at Primetime Fitness!

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