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10 Spinning Classes Las CrucesJoin fun and energetic spinning classes to get your mind and body pumped up. Our friendly and experienced instructors will guide you through a cycling journey, climbing the highest mountains, juking and jiving through winding trails, and blazing down the highway at the speed of light, all in the comfort and safety of your local Las Cruces gym.

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The Benefits of Spinning Classes Workouts

The greatest benefit of a spinning class is that anyone can do it! Cycling is a low-impact exercise, meaning you can get results without going crazy with an overly extreme workout. Regardless of your current fitness level, flexibly, and coordination you can start getting in shape with a spin class. Our indoor cycling bikes have adjustable settings, so if intense is what you crave, you most certainly can crank up the difficulty.

Not only are spin bike workouts low-impact and perfect for beginners and experts alike, the spinning workout itself uses large muscle groups throughout your entire body. The more muscles you are putting to work, the more calories you can burn.

Take Control of Your Workout

Perhaps the hardest part of any workout is staying motivated and keeping on track. Group settings and classes are a great way to overcome this obstacle. A set schedule keeps you on track to make amazing strides to your goals, while a fun and energizing class setting makes you hungry for more.

All stationary bicycles have adjustable resistance. If you are looking for a starting place or unsure if a spinning class is right for you, try a class and start with low resistance. Then, gradually work your way up until you find the pace that challenges you without uncomfortable strain.

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