Basic Strength and Conditioning Tips for Beginner Weight Lifting with Primetime Fitness

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Come discover the benefits of weight lifting with our fully loaded and spacious gym here in Las Cruces. We offer your choice in free weights and machines. Tone, sculpt, and build muscle for the body you desire. We offer the tools for all body shapes and sizes, beginner or expert alike. Experience the perfect atmosphere for strength training. With state of the art equipment and a clean exercise environment, the only question on your mind will be where to start improving.

Weight Lifting For the Beginner

To gain the most effective workout possible, it is important to find a balance between repetitions, sets, tempo, exercise types, and weight. Seems like too much? Our trainers will help you find the ideal combination and establish the perfect routine to meet your weight exercise expectations. It is important to define a clear goal to keep you motivated, whether it is to fit into your old swimsuit for pool season or to be able to dress up as the Hulk for Halloween without the costume.

Always remember, work hard and endure. The best results take time and dedication, never give up and you can achieve your fitness dreams.

It’s For Everyone

Weight lifting does not have to be synonymous with strength training. A good weight workout can be fantastic for men and women alike. Enjoy weight lifting for women with an effective and proper weight training regimen to develop lean muscle, increase metabolic rates, and burn fat. Perfect for anyone who’s seeking to mold and sculpt their body into their ideal creation.

Safety Tips

Always maintain proper form when weight lifting. Don’t cheat yourself out of a workout and greatly reduce the risk of injury. Stretch before and after exercising to increase blood flow, flexibility, and reduce soreness after a workout. Proper breathing is crucial to a workout, never hold your breath – it is ideal to exhale on the effort. Lastly, always stay well hydrated; water and sports drinks are

ideal, coffee, soda, or other sugary drinks will dehydrate you and may impact performance.

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Our equipment and expert staff can help you reach your weight lifting goals no matter what they may be:

  • Build Muscle
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  • Burn Fat
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