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A number of people ask us what the best workout routine is, but the answer is not as simple as giving a list of exercises and reps. Everyone’s body is different and personal objectives vary. To optimize your workout routine, it is important to set an exercise goal and pick the exercises that will help you achieve it. There are a great deal of muscles in the body and each type of exercise will target specific muscles or groups; from legs, arms, core, back, neck, and shoulders, the list goes on and on.

Types of Workout Routines

The best workout is the one catered to your goal. Here are a few of the most common goals we see often:

  • Losing Weight – A good weight loss routine will combine periodic weight training (say 3 times a week) with daily cardio. The most important aspect of this goal is that it takes time. Even the most optimized routines will only burn a few pounds a week. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so those starting out may see themselves gaining weight on the scale when in reality you’re burning the unwanted fat and building those muscles.
  • Ab Workout Routine – This may sound redundant, but the best ab workout is a workout that focuses on abs. There are numerous tips, tricks, and information to know for optimizing a workout, but if you want to improve a muscle group, you have to work it. That being said, it is not ideal to do ab workouts daily, they should be staggered between days to allow rest and recovery of the muscle groups. There are also numerous ab muscle groups, e.g. upper and lower, and countless exercises for each to know for the most effective workout.
  • Beginner Workout Routine – A good beginner workout is one that you’ll enjoy. Finding something to break the barrier to get into a fitness routine can sometimes be more important than the workout itself. Once exercising becomes routine, it is easier to transition to other workout types. This can be a number of things, ranging from weight training, running, cycling, yoga, exercise classes, or playing a sport. Pick one that sounds appealing to start, or, even better, try them all!
  • Mass Building Workout Routine – We often get people who want to beef up to rock some serious muscle firepower, usually saying the faster the better. But the truth is, like most things, it takes time and dedication to get real results. Mass building requires a solid balance between intense strength training exercises and an optimized diet. The body needs a great deal of energy to build new mass, so a proper intake of calories and protein is just as essential as the workout itself.

Can’t decide what is best for you?

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